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Howard Glaser has been a professional educator since 1974. His experience includes 36 years in public education in New Jersey where he functioned as Special Education Teacher, Facilitator of Special Services, and Educational Diagnostician. At the university level, Howard has served as an adjunct faculty member instructing undergraduate courses in Child Development. On a graduate level, he designed and implemented a course entitled Early Identification of Learning Disabilities.

As a popular presenter, Howard has provided workshops to both parent groups and faculty on a wide variety of topics from Developmental Milestones to College Planning for the Learning Different Student. Recently, Howard has founded the Child Advocacy Network, an association of independent practitioners, dedicated to protecting children and adults with special needs (Child-Advocacy.com). The focus of the group is to provide this special population with educational, legal, and financial guidance.

Howard Glaser

has been in public education and private practice for over 36 years.

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Continued counseling and support is available through private video conferencing.